Beautiful email templates
Beautiful email templates
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Will this work in MailChimp?

Yes, you will be able to edit background colors, text and images.

I have a design already; can you build this instead?

Yes of course! Send the design and I will build it into a template for you.

When I attempt to edit vs. being provided a WYSIWYG editor as shown in your screen shot and present in my other templates. I am given a raw HTML edit option only.

Please click on edit design text at the bottom bar.

I’m unable to edit in Mailchimp, Do you now why? When I click Edit Template the only thing I can do is add Mailchimp rewards. I can not add our own text/colours etc.

Please unzip the downloaded file first, there are two options in the file, one is Mailchimp and second one normal HTML. If you upload the “” file which is in Mailchimp Folder, you can see the Template Customisation on right side.